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Parish Ministries

Our parishes have several active ministries in which all are invited to participate, in fact, some such as the Altar Society, all ladies of the parish automatically belong. In the past, there was the Holy Name Society, in which all men of the parish automatically belonged. Perhaps such an organization could be resurrected.

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RCIA Program
Contact Deacon Bob Kostka - Main office 265-4557

CCD - Program
The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine was an association established in 1562 in Rome for the purpose of providing religious education.

Contact: CCD Director - Jean Zielinski, Main office 265-4557

The parishes sell SCRIP which help support our CCD program. These are the same as cash. With each one sold, a small amount is refunded to the the church for the CCD program. If you would spend money at any of these merchants, please consider pre-purchasing scrip that are used like pre-paid cash cards for you to use at the following merchants:

Angeli Foods, KFC, Applebee’s, Kmart, Bp, Kohl’s, Cabela’s, Shopko, Citgo, Subway, Family Foods/Jubilee Foods, Holiday, Walmart, JC Penney, Zippidy Duda's, Old Navy, and Menards.

Plus we can order most major merchants Scrip cards/certificates.

Keep in mind that it is a parent's responsibility to see that children are educated in the Catholic faith. We are here simply to assist or provide a beginning. The true indept grow of faith comes from example at home and family teachings.

If looking for additional home schooling material, see

For adult education and great bible audio files for learning and study, please see the links page for the link to Great for high school age people as well.

The Ladies Altar Society has served an important ministry for many years. Their ministry includes maintenance of vestments, candles, altar cloths, and other sacramentals. They also ensure the church is appropriately decorated for liturgical celebrations and are responsible for many other supportive programs of the church.

St. Agnes Altar Society
The object of the St. Agnes Altar Society is to promote the spiritual welfare of the members, to assist in the upkeep of the altar and kitchen, to assist the pastor, and to help in parish projects.

All ladies of the parish are considered members of the altar society. They will elect officers and hold regular meetings once a month specifically on the second Tuesday of each month at 1:00 PM in the Gathering Room except for the months of June and July.

In the past two years the society has provided a new stove for the kitchen, new tables for the parish hall, baby changing stations for the bathrooms, new dishes and new altar cloths for the two altars. The have also provided articles for the pastor such as chalice, chasubles,etc. and are ordering other items needed by the pastor during Mass.

The present officers have served for nearly seven years and are seeking ladies to take their places.

President: Gertrude"Tootsie" Amelio - 265-9505
Vice-President: ? - 265-5607
Secretary: Marlene Locke
Treasurer: Dolores Sapletal - 265-9021

St. Anne's Society, St. Cecilia church, Caspian
Meets the 3rd Monday of the month, 6:30 PM, at Father Sartorelli Hall in the church.

Mary Ann Lundquist, President -
Christina Velie, Vice President, -
Rose Carne, Secretary, -
Rena Marquette, Treasurer, -

Men's Club in Caspian, contact Art Aregoni for more information, 265-3730

St. Vincent de Paul Society
Founded in 1833 by six university students in Paris under the patronage of St. Vincent de Paul, today the Society includes almost 900,000 members spread among 46,000 confraternities in 130 countries of five continents.

The Society's purpose is to provide direct aid to those who suffer, and to help individuals reduce and even eliminate the causes of their suffering, themselves. Society members use their own resources, sharing not only possessions but the valuable gift of their presence.

There is one store on both the east and west side of the county. Here in Iron River, the store location is 313 W. Genesee Street, phone 265-9390. Crystal Falls, 136 Superior Ave. 875-4251.

St. Vincent de Paul can always use volunteers and your donations to help those in our community. Please consider in any way you can to assist this worthy mission in our communities.

The Knights of Columbus
The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization for Catholic men. The order was founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney as a means to assist the families of immigrants who had come to the United States. Today, the Knights of Columbus has a membership of over 2 million and provides over $200,000,000 in annual charitable giving to various causes.

Are you being called to service by being a Knights of Columbus member? For more information on how you can become a member of this great organization, please contact Rick Commenator, 265-2531 for more information.

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