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Rev. Greg Vaneklase Welcome

Welcome to the Sts. Agnes and Cecilia Catholic Parishes website. Please come back often and check us out. We'll try to add new content and bring you Catholic teaching on everything from current events to good old fashioned catechesis. If you have ideas and suggestions for the website, we welcome your thoughts.

Dear Parish Family,

The response to repair our stained glass vent windows has been more than heart warming. May God's blessing be upon all who reached out to help and to all who prayed and assisted in any way. Of course, we pray constantly for God to richly Bless our Parishes’ families, and the whole world. We are so very grateful for your kind and gracious assistance!

I would also like to bring to your attention some of the many other needs of our facility. We have started an S.O.S. program, "Save Our School" building. It badly needs a new trussed roof. The flat roof and parapet can no longer be repaired to a sustainable outcome. Water is leaking and damaging the ceilings, floors, walls and furniture. With our long winters and sometimes heavy snow loads the best solution would be a pitched roof with life long metal sheeting. We have photos of the damage if you would like to see them, please come visit us at the rectory office. We'd be happy to show you what we are faced with and the damages incurred.

Perhaps a few contractors might be able to volunteer labor and others can assist with material costs. The more that time passes, the more damage our school building will suffer. Please note that the building is used for our children’s Religious Education [CCD], and is also offered to Alcoholics Anonymous & Al-Anon as a service to the community. Oh how wonderful it would be if only it could some day reopen as a Catholic school. Thank you again for your prayers and support.

With prayers for you and yours, I remain...Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Gregory Veneklase [Michael, OCD]
St. Agnes & St. Cecilia Parishes

Note from Fr. Veneklase:
This Lenten season once again offers us to draw near to God Our Savior. Today's world presents many obstacles from our attention to prayer, sacrifice and coming closer to Jesus. Therefore, I offer you two prayers to combat the devil and temptation, a Prayer of Defense and a Prayer of Offering. Download them here.

May you have a blessed and rewarding Lenten and a holy Easter to come.

Pope Francis' First Encyclical on Faith

Receiving Communion as has been done for centuries -
The Reason, Respect for God, Reverence, Every Knee Shall Bend.

May Catholics Eat Meat on Friday?

Communion in the Hand - Learn More about the Catholic Faith

Religious Education Form

You may now download and print the CCD Registration and medical treatment form to register children for Religious Education. Please use this link to download the form. Fill it out both pages and return it to your parish office. Should you have any questions, please contact Jean Zielinski, Director of Religious Education. You may phone 906-284-3136, or email Jean at zielinskijean53@yahoo.com. Thank you and God bless. We look forward to helping you provide good catechises to your children.

Be sure to complete all three forms, registration, medical aid release form and phtot/recording release form and return them to the parish office.

Thank you.

Are you someone who wants to know your Catholic Faith better, would like to learn more, draw yourself closer to Truth/God, or someone who is new to the Faith and would like to explore what Catholicism really is? If your answer is yes to any of those, then begin here.

Be sure to visit the page God's Love. On this page you will be presented with hours of material to help build your faith, renew your faith, or simply explore your faith.

If you simply would like to hear and learn more about Biblical History, then begin here and be prepared for hours of entertaining informative learning experience.

How to pray America Back to God
Click the link to How to pray America Back to Good after you click the link above

In these times of troubles within the world, lives are falling apart, people are filled with worry and distress. There is a patron saint for these causes and cures. St. Dymphna (pronounced Dimf-nah), whose National Shrine of is located on the grounds of St. Mary Parish in Massillon Ohio, is the patroness of those afflicted with mental and nervous disorders. Although many have never heard of St. Dymphna, she is becoming increasingly popular during these days of worry, fear and anxiety. Then, too, there are few people in the world who are not at some time or another troubled with their nerves.

Prayers to St. Dynphna for intercession: http://www.scborromeo.org/prayers/dymphna.pdf

How the Devil Works
I think you will find this presentation very interesting. There is more being revealed here that the title leads one to believe.

Jesus called Satan the father of lies. One of his greatest deceptions is to prompt you, me, and everyone in the world to believe that he is not real. This is a tragedy, because if we do not believe that the Devil is real, then we do not really believe in gospel of Jesus Christ. In this talk, Br. Jamie answer questions about the origin of Satan, his destructive mission in the world, and the tools available to us to combat him. We have a cunning, baffling & powerful enemy. We cannot fight an enemy we do not know and understand.

Fort Salvation: Spiritual Warfare
Be prepared to hear strong words regarding what it means to be Catholic. We are Church Militant. We are the original Chirstians, Catholic, on earth who are living; Christian militia, who struggle against sin, the devil and "..the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians 6:12).

Fort Salvation: Culture Wars
This is part two on knowing our faith.

The question and answer video is very informative and perhaps a question
and answer of yours might be answered in this final presentation.

What is Church teaching on the size of government? And what is the principle of subsidiarity? Find out more about charity and responsibility in this new video from the CatholicVote.org Education Fund

The following video presentation by Bishop Alexander K. Sample is a refreshing messages on the New Evangelization. In actually, the Evangelizing message is not new, but for us Catholics of the last 40 years, our faith teaching may have been lacking. As such, it would be difficult for fellow Catholics to even know how to deliver a message of Good News. Enjopy this wonderful presentation of reality in the Catholic Church.

The Cost of Abortion - Each October there is a weekend day set aside for National Life Chain. Iron River will have there's on Saturday, Oct. 1st, from 2:00pm - 3:30pm, along US 2 from the River, westward. Please come out and support life. In the mean time, do check out this video on The Cost of Abortion.

New families and members are always welcome to the Catholic Church and our parishes.

Please contact the rectory at your earliest opportunity so we can get to personally know you, placed on the mailing list, and officially register you into the parish records system. We look forward to meeting you.

Submit bulletin notices in writing to the Rectory before noon on Monday.

Parents desiring the Sacrament of Baptism for their children must be registered and be actively participating in parish life. Parents must also attend a baptism class. Contact the office in advance.

Arrangements for marriages must be made at least six months in advance. One of the parties must be a practicing Catholic.

Whenever someone is seriously ill, hospitalized or is dying, contact the parish office immediately.

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