"Deo, Patriae, Domus"
"God, Family, Country"

"Commitment is doing what you said you would do
after the feeling you said it has passed."
~ St. Camillus DeLellis

Under Attack and Suffering Destruction

Everyone has an opinion. It is proper to understand that our opinions are based upon our level of knowledge and understanding of each and every topic. Thus, the more educated one is in any area of topic, the less the opposition may find real argument and the more likely one is to bring another to fuller understanding of truth.

Humankind has a propensityto make things more complex, and complicated then in actual truth. Allow me to use the following example using scripture and religion. God is so effable that it is impossible to explain God or understand God. But, in actuality, God is easy to understand in regards to what is expected from us. Christ provided these examples. When asked what is the greatest commandment, the feedback was first and foremost to love the Lord Thy God with all thy heart, with all the being, and all thy might. (paraphrased) Christ added only one other; to love thy neighbor as thy self. Nothing else required. In one final lesson, He simply said, be holy as the Father is holy. I believe this was in regard to someone who address Him as being good. So, there you have it. All boiled down into two simple lessons on how to figure out the expectations of God, which would also make us pleasing in the eyes of man.

Our governmental setup was designed to be rather simple as well, but like the Pharises, who cantinued to add law after law, until no one could remember them all, our governmental system has become overly complex as well and difficult if not impossible to follow. Further, much of it no longer even makes sense, at least common sense. We, the people, have allowed government to rule over us, rather than to serve us. Interesting how Christ said He came to serve and not be served. Hmmm, time to contemplate the meaning of "Christ the king."

What if we could simplifiy things a little?

Let's look at just three potential causes and solutions. An opinion of course, but nonetheless there are few that can argue with the three picked items, namely, Morality, Money, and Majority.

We know the difference between good and bad "Morals", and how it affects individuals, family, society and the world as a whole.

We know that "Money" buys things and it would be nice to have what we needed, (some want more), but thats about it. What if a very small minority controlled the world with it?

That leaves us with the last M representing the "Majority". With a majority, anything can be fixed, that is if the majority is not corrupt and has the correct and truthful information available.

What if you had at your disposal the answers to all the questions; the what, the who, the why and the how. Now what if a majority with that information used it to stop the madness?

Its here and its free, all the answers and the solutions. All you need to do is learn it, share it and apply it. Together we can make a difference.

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Under Attack and Suffering Great Destruction

Make no mistake about it, the United States of America is crumbling and so is the world around us. Most people are not startled by that statement. The reason because it has been since its conception. When something happens on a regular basis it is natural behavior to ignore it. It appears normal. This is where and when the most dangerous potential of losing liberty and freedom begin to occur. I'm not trying to present pessimism. I truly have hope and believe that in the end, good shall prevail.

Our country was founded on July 4, 1776, but we did not become a nation with a constitution to govern it until September 17, 1787, some twelve years later.

Some may think illegal entry into our country or the war on terrorism is our biggest threat. That would be another mistake. Ignorance is the lack of education. Ignorance of what is happening and how it is happening is our problem. When people are blind or ignorant to what our country is as a nation and how we were set up to govern, it becomes very easy for people to lose their freedom. This has been happening by little slivers over time. The slivers began about 100 years ago.

When this web site was inaugurated in 1997, it was dedicated as a home for small businesses, the breath of America. Within 10 years, small businesses and the economy of America came under fatal assault. The choice was obvious. Either begin to fight for truth, and principles upon which our country was founded, or roll over and become a slave of the state. Now you must decide.

If you decide to fight for freedom, liberty and justice, you must first know your enemy and then how to defeat him. Sounds pretty simple, but obviously if it was the war would be over and we all could go our merry way. So, whats the problem?

First, most citizens have not learned what our form of government is and how it is supposed to work. Not even most elected officials, at all levels of government, know and understand its principles and methods of function. Sad!

Time is of the essence. Loss of freedom is escalating at a pace unbelievable to those that do understand what is happening. We must train patriots as quickly as possible helping them understand the crisis at hand. You, my Dear Reader, are one of the millions that are needed to save America. It will not be done by someone else, it can only be done by you but not alone. We need millions of patriots, ready, willing and able to right our country. This seems to be happening through TEA Party and other patriots groups, but there remains tens of millions that still do not understand. As and update since this was written around 2007, now being 2016, I really don't think any organization or movement is going to make things better. It is only going to be each single individual, seeking truth. That's what 99% of this entire website is about, but everyone is scandalized to some degree when they find the truth becuase it is so contrary to what one currently understands and believes. It even become scary when one begins to learn the truth.

This web site is desinged to teach how to take action to save more than our country. It will provide the tools necessary for everyone to no longer be ignorant and arm you with the weapons to regain true liberty and freedom. Let's get started.

The first step is not going to take you back to the beginning of our country, at least not yet. Listen for 27.5 minutes to what Ronald Reagan had to say in 1964. It will set the tone providing knowledge to some of the things that have caused our country great injury and our soon-to-be slavery, if we do not take immediate action.

Ronald Reagan's speech of 1964

Since 1964, the government has only gotten bigger and more costly. Further down we'll take a look at the long list of failures our government has created for us, "We the People."

Now that you have listened to Ronald Reagan and have some idea of the causes that are destroying America, it's time to know the difference between a Democracy and a Republic. You will also learn about other forms of rule and conclude where we may actually be as a nation. This one will only take 10.5 minutes of your time.

The American Form of Government

Having listened to the last video, you should have a better understanding of the different systems of government. The next step is to learn more about our government and the power you have in your hands that "We the People" are not using to protect our country, our freedom and liberty. It's time to learn about your government's Constitution, its amendments, and our the Bill of Rights.

Here is a short article entitled A Republic If you can keep it.

This is where most people become lethargic. Being complacent will only place "We the People" into slavery. Why? Are there not responsible people to be elected to office to preserve rule of law and do the right thing? Are we not supposed to have the pleasure of going about our work and leisure?

The answer to those questions are obvious to those that know we are hell bent on the road to communism and slavery. I think many people understand that we are now ruled by an Oligarchy, especially after watching the last video.

Here's a made famous line: "What's difference does it make? All politicians are the same." The truth is, if we had been doing our job to keep our Republic, we would have replaced many of those career politicians a long time ago, however, that is not the total answer either. We have to know who we are voting for. If they are not righteous, we have an obligation to find another to replace them. Yes, no one is perfect, but the person should at least have a moral character of doing good and signs of achievement.

On page two are links to learning about the Constitution of the United States. I encourage everyone to get a pocket-size booklet and keep it with you. Each link will open into a new window in order to keep this main window open to make it easy to come back and continue. Below are two options: a set of audio files from one professional and the other a set of videos. Let me caution you. You may have a feeling of being bored or wanting not to complete the lessons, but please bear with it. I promise it will become more interesting as you progress.

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