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Mark your Presence on the Internet

If you have something to sell, rent, lease, looking for something to buy, have information to share, or would like to have a presence on the World-Wide-Web, I can help. Developing a presence on the web will allow you to reach more people more efficiently and more economically than you probably thought possible.

Your competitors and customers either are or will be on the Internet. Shouldn't you be out there too?

Online promotion is both inexpensive and effective. Already advertising on the Web is as important as advertising in newspapers, radio and television. My pledge is to give you the best possible service and product.

The following are some of the things you can accomplish on the Internet:

  • Get people to see you
  • Serve your customers
  • Increase sales
  • Conduct surveys and contests
  • Provide product information
  • Get feedback from customers
  • Provide an easy way for people to contact you
  • Make a NO pressure presentation
  • Test-market new services or products
  • Open international markets
  • Serve your local market
  • Post your personal story

Advertise 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for an entire year, for less than the cost of a single large newspaper or magazine ad!

Even the smallest of businesses, or those serving well-defined areas, can benefit from a presence on the Internet. Even though a Web site's potential audience is global, it can be just as effective in reaching local customers, especially when used in conjunction with other advertising. And the value of a Web site as an information resource is just as important to local customers as it is to those thousands of miles away.

A Few Common Questions:
Q. I have a successful business, but it's not on the Internet. Should it be?

A. Bill Gates, in his usually style, commented; "In 5 years there will be two kinds of businesses. Those that are on the net, and those that are out of business." While a little exaggerated, there is some truth to what he said.

As more and more people become Internet literate, they are starting to use the Internet the way they used to use the yellow pages and information sources. And, they're starting to use the Internet to comparison shop instead of getting in the car and driving to the nearest town. As this trend continues, within probably 10 years, if you don't have some kind of an Internet presence, you'll probably wish you did.

Yes, there are some bricks and mortar businesses that don't lend themselves to doing business on the Internet. But you don't have to conduct your business on the Internet to be on the Internet. At a minimum, you need to have a good informative website that tells people about your business, what sets you apart from your competitors and how you can be reached. Remember what I mentioned above about "source of information"?

The sooner you get started, the sooner you're going to get up to speed on this thing called the Internet. Do it before your competition does it....if they haven't already.

Q. There are lots of services that will host my web site for free. Why should I pay to have it hosted?
A. Everything you do with your Internet business has to say professional. Otherwise, people are not going to take you seriously. Free hosting has amateur written all over it. From the special URL to the ads the hosting service requires you to carry on your pages that announce to the world you're using a free hosting service.

There may be potential customers that have never heard of you, looking for what you have to offer. The Internet provides an inexpensive and effective way of reaching them. Your Web site can provide valuable information, special deals, or special products your customers are looking for.

Allow me to help, become part of our team today.

Here's what a couple of clients wrote:
Hey Dan,
Playing around looking at the site and I see the links are active.
Very impressive.
Great text.
Print this email as a testimonial to anyone who is privileged enough to retain your services for web site design. It is the best value for their dollar they will ever spend. So far. Until Dan unfolds the next tool in his arsenal to assist them in their business endeavors.
Thanks again, Dan for the excellent work. You are a true professional.
The 'Good Guys' at US-2 Rental. Check it out at

The following was written to one of our clients about his site.

Subject: I think it looks great!
Bob -

I know this message is very late, but I think your site looks really good! I notice a big difference on the eyes navigating through the new site. It is much easier to read without the black background. I do like the use of turquoise and black. I also like that there is less text. (But what is this claim that you never sleep? A couple cocktails and you are out! : -) )

The navigation is very nice. Because it is consistent it is easy for the User to find what he/she is looking for. Also, you don't make the User dig for information, which is great. You follow the general rule that nothing should be more than three clicks away. (The experts say that if the User has to click more than three times, he/she will abandon the search. )


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