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A Prayer for the
Conquest of Cancer

Our Lord, in whose hands are the issues of life and death, we thank you that you are a God of love.

From the gift of our lives to the moment we return to you, we are in your loving care. We turn to you in times of joy and times of pain.

We are concerned for those in pain, those who suffer from cancer, and for those who care for them.

Bless those who minister to the persons afflicted with this dread disease. Give them skill and knowledge that cures may be wrought.

Grant the gifts of patience and strength for families of those who suffer. Heal those who suffer, that the pain may be replaced by joy.

Give discovery of the cure for cancer and knowledge of how to prevent it.

Increase your ministry of healing through all who labor in research and the health professions...

That one day we may rejoice in a world free from the scourge of cancer in which all may live out their span of life in useful service to you and your children.

For this we pray.
To you we shall give praise!
Current Board Members:

Jo lane Spoke - President
Darlene Gendron - Vice-President
Linda Colombino - Secretary
Donna Bond - Treasure
Beverly Dallafior - Trustee
Jeff Gendron - Turstee
Nora Petrucelli - Legal Advisor
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Mission Statement: The Iron County Cancer Unit is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to providing care and comfort to Iron County cancer patients and their families through financial assistance, health care products, and equipment as available.

Who We Are: In 1998 a group of concerned volunteers decided to form a board and file papers of incorporation to establish the Iron County Cancer Unit. The ICCU is a 501 (C)3 non-profit organization. All funds come from donations and 100% of donations stay in Iron County to assist Iron County Cancer patients. All work is done by volunteers.

The Iron County Cancer Unit is not affiliated with any other organization. The Iron County Cancer Unit will not discriminate against any individual or group on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, sex, marital status, or handicap.

Our equipment and supplies are located at 321 Cayuga street in Iron River.We are open by appointment only. For information call 906-265-4420.

How We Can Help: At the present time we have funds available as well as supplies and hospital equipment (as available) in our loan closet.

Individuals diagnosed with cancer will find assistance with Protheses (wig & breast). Food Supplements, Colostomy Supplies, Cancer Related Medications, & Cost of transportation. Meals and Lodging for out of town treatment. Blue Pads and Incontinent Supplies, as are available are also supplied. We also assist with Respite Care.

How You Can Help: If you would like to make a financial donation, please send it to our address:
Iron County Cancer Unit
PO Box 45
Iron River, Michigan 49935

If you would like your gift to be in memory or in honor of a friend or relative, an acknowledgement can be sent. please send the name and address with your donation.

Contact Person:
Jolane Spoke
Cancer Unit @ 906.265.4420

The IRON COUNTY CANCER UNIT is a non-profit,501 (C)(3) volunteer organization dedicated to providing care and comfort to local cancer patients and their families through financial assistance and health care equipment and products. Donations are the only source of income.

We are not affiliated with any other organization and all donations stay in Iron County to assist Iron County cancer patients.

If you need assistance, information, or would like to donate to the ICCU, call 906-265-4420. You may also write us at:
P. O Box 45
Iron River, MI 49935.

Thank you to all who help in this work.


Jolane Spoke, Beverley Dallafior, Donna Bond, Linda Colombino, and Darlene Gendron

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