Iron River "Redskins"
Class of 1968

Summer of 2006 presented the "All Class Reunion." I don't know how many classes had success, but the town of Iron River seemed to have more traffic than usual. Of course, that is not hard to beat these days.

Peggy Colbas, remember her from the Stambaugh class of ? She was kind to offer her home on Chicaugon Lake for us to gather. A very comfortable setting. Some familar faces from Iron River and Stambaugh shared the moment. A few pictures were sent to me, so for your pleasure here there are. Iron River, October 12, 2006, 2 inches of snow on the ground. The U.P. hasn't changed when it comes to unpredictable weather, or should I say expected weather?

Keep in mind, 2008 marks the 40 year anniversary. 2018, the 50th anniversary. Wonder if there will be a reunion, or if any will be able to make a reunion. It was good to see old acquaintances and I would hope to see you all in the future. May God keep you all safe and secure. God bless - Dan

Treasury Contact:
Class of 68 - C/O Mike Brozak
105 E. Minckler
Iron River, Mi. 49935

Contact Dan Stafford

Facebook might be a place to try and locate classmates.

Please remember in your prayers the classmates who are no longer with us:
Gail Olson
Carl Lindahl
Tom Gorieski
Curt Vezzetti
Karen Mattioli
Wayne Lewis
Beth Rowney
Jay Leonoff
Sandy Schober (Plog), passed away December 01, 2009
Donna J. Anderson (Buckhalter), 62, passed away on March 13, 2013
Radny LeClair, passed away May 29, 2013

We miss you and sadden by our loss.
God has called you home and left us to carry a cross.
From heaven high, your mission now is to watch and pray
that we do God's will, each and every day.

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