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Paul Joseph StinesCatholic 365. Info (www.catholic365.info) is part of the Adult Religious Education apostolate of Paul-Joseph Stines. Since the confusion following the Second Vatican Council, there have been two generations of modern Catholics who have not been well catechized or formed in the faith. The combination of this confusion about what the Church teaches and poor catechesis has been that thousands of Catholics have left the Church, many more no longer attend regular Sunday Mass, and many of those who do remain in the Church do not know or believe what the Church teaches about the faith. Adult catechesis has never been more needed than it is needed now.

In response to that need, Paul-Joseph Stines has devoted himself to teaching the ordinary Catholic in the pew the fullness of the Catholic faith. By teaching weekly classes, speaking in small parishes, writing articles touching on current events in the Church and by other means, including this website, Paul-Joseph offers his knowledge of the Church and her teachings to all who want to learn the genuine Catholic faith, at no charge. Mr. Stines is a convert to the Church, having studied for the ministry as a Protestant. He was received into the Church on December 8, 1975, and began teaching the faith shortly thereafter. An accomplished apologist, he has taught RCIA for many years, but his greatest love is imparting the faith to adult Catholics, many of whom crave the genuine word of truth.

We hope you will enjoy the many hours of classes presented here and we encourage their use in classes or in small study groups. We believe, however, that they will primarily benefit the individual Catholic who may not have the time or money for traditional studies, but who wants to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the faith than is normally presented. We welcome your questions and comments. You can email us by clicking here.

This site is dedicated to St. Paul, the Apostle and tireless teacher of the Catholic faith to adults in the First Century AD, who longed to know the truth. St Paul, pray for us.

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