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God's Love

Hello, Welcome to the page entitled God's Love. It was named God's Love because everything from it comes with God's love. He loves you so much there are no words to explain such compassion God has to bring you good things in life and for an eternity.

As mentioned on the main page you will find what Jesus himself had to say about his passion. You will read what the Catholic Mass is truly about. You will learn things like where we got the Bible, what we have in common with our brothers and sisters in Christ, Why the Catholic Church is the One True Church, what the Deposit of Faith really is, and a whole array of interesting and heart felt messages. Weather you are a cradle Catholic, and long absent Catholic returning home, a convert, or just exploring this web site, take your time, relax, spend a few moments resting in God's peace. The Holy Spirit will direct you to one or more links on this page. Do not worry. He will gently take you by the hand and lovely bring you to where you will find His peace and Love. Take your time and come back often. There is a lot here.

To truly learn traditional Catholism, Begin Here.

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Communion in the Hand - Learn More about the Catholic Faith

Why Suffering

Here are three interesting and fast read articles on the subject. I hope you find them helpful.

Fatima and the need for suffering
Lourdes and suffering
the sweet cross of Christ
Accepting Christ and the Cross

10 Tips for Pious New Year Resolutions

St. Margaret of Scotland - Codensed version

St. Margaret of Scotland -Long version

What Catholic priest celibacy is about.

He is Risen The Passion of Christ as dictated to Catalina (Katya) Rivas is a compelling presentation of Christ's suffering and love for us. May it touch your heart and soul and provide a deeper understanding of His willingness to suffer for our salvation.

A question some times arises from our brothers in faith wondering if Catholics are Christians. Paul-Joseph Stines has addressed this question and outlines what we as Catholics have in common with other denominations of faith. If you have a few minutes and have an interest as to what those commonalities are, you can read them from this file named, "Are Catholics Christians".

One of the traditions in the Catholic church is the practice of the Holy Mass. It has a deep tradition that goes back to the original Apostles. As Catholics, we believe that transubstantiation takes place and the bread and body become the "Food of Life", Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We see this plainly spoken by Christ in the book of John and other places in the Bible. Unfortunately, even some of our own faithful take this sacrifice for granted and may be lacking a full understanding of this celebration. You are invited to take a journey to hear what Jesus and his mother have to say about this Holy occurrence here on earth. We hope you find it enlightening.

Have you ever wondered Where We Got the Bible from? This well written condensed version is a pleasure to read and easy to understand. Written by Paul Joseph Stines. I'm sure you will enjoy and feel well informed.

Being a cradle Catholic I am forever amazed at how little I know about my faith in all aspects of Church hierarchy and about the teachings of Jesus Christ. Several years ago, I was having a conversation with a friend who used the word Magisterium. I felt somewhat ignorant, not knowing the meaning of it in my own faith. But I had no fear in asking. Never fear asking about things we do not know or understand. How else will we learn and how else will we be able to come closer to our Mother Church that Jesus the Christ himself set up for us? And how else will we come to learn what a great gift she is to us? Here's a very brief explanation by our favorite teacher, Paul Joseph Stines: What is The Deposit of the Faith.pdf

I have given you authority over all the power of the evil one; nothing will harm you. (Luke 10:19)
Read more of Nothing Will Harm You - by Fr. Jack McArdle

Ending the Catholic-Protestant Divide by Aneel Aranha

The Sacrament of God's Presence - by Mother Nadine

The story of St. Christopher the 'Christ Bearer' - I think you will find this rather interesting.

The Lord of Hosts
There are several places in the Old Testament where it says "the Lord of hosts". What does this title for God mean? Is it connected to the communion hosts we use at mass that become Jesus' body?
Find the answer here from the Bible Geek.

Why Doesn't God answer my prayers?
I pray and pray, but I feel as if God is not listening. We always had a good, peaceful family life, but these last years have been tough. We don’t seem to be getting along and our finances have taken a turn for the worse.

I am so anxious about this situation that, not having anyone to turn to, I turned to God.

But God seems to remain deaf to me. Why is that? In addition, what do I say to certain people, agnostics and atheists, who laugh at prayer, saying it is nonsensical and only a figment of the imagination with no real value?

If you want all your prayers to be answered without fail and oblige God to meet all your wishes, the first thing is never to stop praying.

Those who get tired after praying for a time are lacking in either humility or confidence, and so do not deserve to be heard.

Miracles That Defy Science
Since the tilma is made of cactus fiber, it should have disintegrated after twenty years. However, it has survived from 1531 until the present day without cracking or fading. Scientists cannot explain how this is possible. In the 18th century, Dr. José Ignácio Bartolache had two copies of the image made and placed where the original was. After several years, the two copies deteriorated. Read the entire story.

Miracle of Rosary Exorcism

Rosary and the Battle of Lepanto

Miracles and Stories of Our Lady of Good Success

Socialism and the Catholic Church
Perverted. Hideous. And destructive are only some of the adjectives used by the Popes to describe Socialism. From Pius IX to Benedict XVI, the Popes have thoroughly and consistently condemned Socialism with solid arguments. Given the alarming inroads of Socialism in America, TFP Student Action is sending you this brief selection of thought-provoking quotes from the Popes.

How Catholicism and Socialism Are Incompatible
The final conclusion could not be clearer: socialism is incompatible with Catholic doctrine, both because of its conception of the universe and man, and because it attacks two institutions which are pillars of Christian civilization: private property and the family.

This finding is timely and significant because some socialist proposals may seem to be "moderate" and therefore less alarming. However, by understanding the final goals of socialism, we see how it harms the family, private property rights, free initiative, legitimate interests, in a word, the true freedom of God's children.

If Catholics do not have a clear notion of the socialist ideology in all of its applications, they might feel tempted to compromise with some socialist initiatives that seem harmless at first glance. However, even the so-called moderate socialism is incompatible with Catholic doctrine and natural law.

What the Popes Really Say About Socialism

Scientific proof the Eucharist is The Living Christ
Watch the entire video. It shows that the Eucharist is Our Lord. It's scientific!

Here is an opportunity to participate in the Chaplet of "Divine Mercy." Blessing lie in store for those that love the Lord.

You can find How to pray the Divine Mercy Chapet here.

Click here to find FAQ's about Divine Mercy Sunday and a pciture of "Jesus I Trust in You."

Click the videos below to view and pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy as seen on EWTN.

How the Devil Works
I think you will find this presentation very interesting. There is more being revealed here that the title leads one to believe.

Jesus called Satan the father of lies. One of his greatest deceptions is to prompt you, me, and everyone in the world to believe that he is not real. This is a tragedy, because if we do not believe that the Devil is real, then we do not really believe in gospel of Jesus Christ. In this talk, Br. Jamie answer questions about the origin of Satan, his destructive mission in the world, and the tools available to us to combat him. We have a cunning, baffling & powerful enemy. We cannot fight an enemy we do not know and understand.

Fort Salvation: Spiritual Warfare
Be prepared to hear strong words regarding what it means to be Catholic. We are Church Militant. We are the original Chirstians, Catholic, on earth who are living; Christian militia, who struggle against sin, the devil and "..the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians 6:12).

Fort Salvation: Culture Wars
This is part two on knowing our faith.

The question and answer video is very informative and perhaps a question
and answer of yours might be answered in this final presentation.

What is Church teaching on the size of government? And what is the principle of subsidiarity? Find out more about charity and responsibility in this new video from the Education Fund.

Special Feature:

The Eucharistic Miracles of the World

With an extensive assortment of photographs and historical descriptions, the exhibition presents some of the principal Eucharistic Miracles (about 140 panels) that took place throughout the ages in various countries of the world and which have been recognized by the Church. By means of the panels, one can "virtually visit" the places where the Miracles took place.

From this link you can visit each of those Eucharistic Miracles from around the world. Each description is brief and tells the story explaining why being Catholic is a privilege. Here's the link:

Bible Study that will hold your attentionCatholic 365 - on-line Biblical Studies of Interest created right here in our Parish over several years of production. You will be able to hear, study, learn and develop a deeper understanding of your Catholic faith from this treasure trove of audio files. Do come visit us.

The following video presentation by Bishop Alexander K. Sample is a refreshing messages on the New Evangelization. In actually, the Evangelizing message is not new, but for us Catholics of the last 40 years, our faith teaching may have been lacking. As such, it would be difficult for fellow Catholics to even know how to deliver a message of Good News. Enjoy this wonderful presentation of reality in the Catholic Church.

John Martignoni on "One Church."

There is a need for child foster care in Walton County. If you even have an inkling of what this is about and how you might consider doing something to help our area children in hopeless and helpless situations, please watch this video to learn more. Then if you want to get involved, you can go the link for GUARDIAN AD LITEM.

The link to God's Love in the Main Menu leads to a very special page. You will find what Jesus himself had to say about his passion. You will read what the Catholic Mass is truly about. You will learn things like where we got the Bible, what we have in common with our brothers and sisters in Christ, and a whole array of interesting and heart felt messages. Don't miss out on this special opportunity. Have a look see today, then come back often and may God bless you richly.

Catholics believe in The Real Presence of Christ in The Eucharist.

If you have protestant friends with an open mind, share this 10 minute introduction inot the faith

May Catholics Eat Meat on Friday?

Created by DJ Stafford   

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